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Endless Space 2 : Supremacy - Animation Leader

Here is Iyolo Blackgyr, the leadership of the Hissho Major Faction !

He's my last animation work for the PC game Endless Space 2 : Supremacy !
He talks to the player in game. We used the lip sync for the dialogues.
He has three phases : Angry Neutral, and Friendly.

Team :
Concept Artist :
3D Artist :
FX Artist :

© Amplitude Studios – SEGA

Aurelien bouffard

Iyolo Blackgyr_Friendly

Aurelien bouffard

Iyolo Blackgyr_Neutral

Aurelien bouffard

Iyolo Blackgyr_Angry

Iyolo Blackgyr_Speak

Trailer Endless Space 2 - Supremacy